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About us – is an online auction platform that is being constantly developed according to the latest technologies. The founders of this auction are the specialists with 15 years of experience in the heavy equipment, logistics and international trade industries. Auction Baltic knows that this auction will become one of the main goods selling channel in the near future.


Auction type

This auction is a rising price open type online auction with a possibility to reserve the price (set by the seller). Participants of the auction makes increasing bids and this happens until there are no participants willing to make a higher bid. The auction participant (buyer) who offered the highest price will win the auction.


Purchase via Auction Baltic

Register on the website

Select the desired product

Place a manual bid or make an automatic bidding option

If your bid is the highest – you win the auction

Pay for the products

Arrange transport or Auction Baltic might help you with that


Sale via Auction Baltic

Contact Auction Baltic

We check the product

We make an agreement with you on the specific auction terms

An auction takes place

After selling the product you receive the money



It is safe to sell and to buy

Before purchasing the product you can always check it

You save time on both – selling and buying

Avoid pile of documentation

You get the price you want


We value your time and with Auction Baltic you will need less time to unused become useful again. We promise you easy and useful process!